Privacy Policy

November 20, 2003

Dear Friend,

As we approach the Holiday season we would like to thank you again for your continuing support and to give you an update on our progress to create a lasting and meaningful tribute to the victims of September 11, 2001. We feel that it is important in those upcoming times of family gatherings and celebration to have a thought for those who will be missed yet again this year. In the true American spirit we ought to Honor what we’ve lost, and Celebrate what we have.
We should never forget that the men and women who were so cowardly killed that fateful day were part of our family – the human family – and will be missed but never forgotten.
These men and women embraced Liberty as a way of life and they paid for it with their lives.
Through the Flag of Honor the memory of each and everyone of the victims will live on and their sacrifice be remembered.

The Rescue Personnel selflessly paid the dearest price to live up to their reputation as modern day Heroes. The world is indebted to them for they have shown us all the very best.
The Flag of Heroes will forever testify to their bravery.

We would like to recap what we have accomplished so far, thanks to your support,
as well as to inform you of our current projects.

Support of the Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes project has allowed us to:

1. Donate a Flag of Heroes to all Firehouses, Police Stations and EMS Divisions in New York City.
2. Make repeated contributions to both the Twin Towers Fund, and the Cantor Fitzgerald Fund.
3. Establish a 501(c)3 charity – Flag of Honor Fund – to raise funds to provide, among other things, a framed artist canvas of the Flag of Honor to each of the victims’ families. Might you wish to find out more about the Fund and how to make a donation to the Flag of Honor Fund, we invite you to visit the Fund's webpage where you will find complete information on the goals of this charitable organization. In advance the Flag of Honor Fund wishes to thank you for your contribution.
4. Partner with Voices of September 11th for fundraising and other efforts. Voices of September 11th is the largest victim’s advocacy group and speaks for many of the families. They provide resources and support to victim’s families, survivors, and all those impacted by the terrorist attack on September 11th. Services include support groups, outreach, bereavement groups, lectures, workshops and special events. We are honored to be associated with them.
5. Continue our efforts toward the widest distribution of the Flags.

Current News

We were honored to assist Kelly Broomall, a Boeing worker out of Portland, Oregon, in providing him with over 3000 Flags towards the realization of a “Healing Field” in Gresham, OR. Each of the Flags represented one of the victims of the terrorist attacks. Please visit the Gresham Memorial Photo Gallery to get a sense of the magnitude of the Memorial. Kelly Broomall truly did an outstanding job! He not only instigated the Gresham Memorial but was also able to get hundreds of people involved in his project. We are proud of having been a part of it. You may also want to visit our newly created Press Book section where you will be able to read news articles relating to this commemoration and much more.

We presented a project for the Permanent Memorial at Ground Zero, which unfortunately was not selected among the eight finalists. Our project was one among 5,200 that received the deserved attention from the 13 members of the jury. We would like to share our vision of the Memorial with all of our supporters. We strongly feel that all of the projects presented deserve to be seen by the greatest amount of people as possible; Just as we were all affected by the tragic events of 9/11, we firmly believe that we should all have our say in how we should remember these. We would greatly appreciate your feedback:
Please forward us your comments at

You now have the possibility to download a screen wallpaper of both the Flag of Honor and Flag of Heroes on your computer. Please visit the Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes to discover the numerous additions we have recently made to make your visit more enjoyable.
The Photo Gallery is steadily growing and we would like to thank all of you who have sent us pictures.

We are striving to create a “Healing Field” in New York City for the 3rd anniversary of the tragedy next year. We would like to see a Healing Field set up in all Fifty States by the 5th anniversary. If you are interested in setting up a “Healing Field” in your area please contact us. We will provide you with the necessary information towards the completion of your endeavor.

Lastly, but most importantly, we would like to ask from you that you please forward the Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes website to as many people as you can. If each of us sends it to just a few people, it will make a tremendous difference in our effort to create the “People’s Memorial” throughout the country and the world.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a Holiday season filled with love, warmth, peace, family and health.

Thank you for contributing to this project. God Bless you and God Bless America.


The Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes project team
338 Oliverea Road - Big Indian, NY 12410 - Tel: (203) 863 9161