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Believe it or not, there are those who would steal from the efforts we are making.

This page contains the information on those merchants who have ordered and received the Flags - And now will not pay for them.
They have stolen from our efforts and from all of our supporters.

Gear Up Foundation
Vinny Forras
PO Box 911
South Salem, NY 10590

Tel: 914-481-6228


Joanne Kidd
American Legion
Firestone Post 1985
Firestone, CO 80520

Tel: 303-667-8745


Just For Collectors
C/O Collectors Source
901 North 3rd Street
Suite #300
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Tel: (866) 832 4611 or (612) 843 8505


Gemsco Inc.
262 m Quarry Road
Milford, CT 06460

Tel: (203) 877 0305


R & N Wholesale Inc.
9 Woodrow Street
1s Floor
Staten Island, NY 10312

Tel: (718) 948 1837


Subject: Stolen Flag....
Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2005 02:32:44 -0400

"Dear Sirs,

I was just looking at your site and found the link on the stolen flags.
Well here is another story for you to publish on your site.
On this past 9/11 i asked my station manager if i could display the Flag of Honor which i purchesed from you last year,in Newark airport,as a tribute to all the lost soles in the terror attack. This flag was displayed at our ticket counter for 3 nights and 4 days,all the passengers asked me where did i get this flag and i just simply gave them your web site,i had passengers take pictures of the flag and commenting on how great this flag was. At the end of my shift i left the airport with the flag still up at the ticket counter.

Next day i returned to work and i was just amazed at how could someone go so low and steal this flag right off the wall.For me it was not the value of the flag but yes the meaning of it.

I just hope that the person or persons who did this terrible act can't sleep at night and whish that this person or persons are haunted with all the lost soles that died on that day,hope they are haunted for the rest of there lives for what they did in stealing a flag with such meaning to me and all the rest of the American people.

Many Thanks
Peter Daniel"
Newark Liberty Airport, Newark New Jersey"